Bounce-houses, Cookies, Cupcakes—Recipe for a Perfect Day

A morning at Westmont Yard fuels a much-needed trip for some yummy Jennycakes treats.

I had another delightful experience of exploring the world around me. Last week, we spent Tuesday morning at Westmont Yard. I went there to attend a play-date and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. From the outside, it reminded me of Windy City Fieldhouse (in Chicago). It is a big facility with indoor courts that were blocked off for different teams to play. Little did I know that they had a bounce-house-arena, though! Yep! They had at least five bounce-houses, all different kinds to cater to kids of different ages. My daughter, Ava, saw them and darted right inside. I actually had trouble keeping an eye on her because she was in a state of euphoria—running from one to the next, to the next. What a great way to burn off some of that energy!

While I made friends and chit-chatted with some of the other moms, I asked them about the facility. Turns out, it's fairly new, and most of them (including me) had no clue about it. Located on 63rd in Westmont, it was a short drive from Clarendon Hills and only cost $4 for Ava to get her fill of playtime. Now we're talkin'!

When she grew bored with the bounce-houses, she teetered over to the open area that was full of trikes, balls and other fun toys. She and the other kids, ran and played and practiced being patient while waiting their turns to share the toys.  

We stayed for a little more than an hour and she had a blast. Afterward, we drove into downtown Clarendon Hills so I could get a pick-me-up. I drove straight to Starbucks. While inside I remembered about the new bakery around the corner, that had recently opened.

Well, my curiosity got the better of me. When we left with our drinks (me with my coffee and Ava with her juice), we turned the corner and headed into Jennycakes. The smell was intoxicating. Being that it was my first time in the shop, I didn't know what to order. So I did what any other sane individual would do, when faced with a window of decadent sweets: I picked a variety of goodies.

I left with cupcakes: vanilla bean, peanut butter with milk chocolate frosting, caramel; a peanut butter lollicake and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie.  

I raced back to the car and got us all buckled in. I peered over in the passenger seat and looked at that adorable pink box, staring at me—just begging for me to take something from inside. So I went in for the easiest item I could get my paws on, while still being able to steer the vehicle. Chocolate chip cookie, it is!

Wow is about all I can say. This cookie was UNREAL. I couldn't stop staring at the cookie I was devouring, curious how they got so much yummy-ness inside of each bite. Needless to say, I will definitely be back—even if it is just for the cookie. So delicious.

All in all, it was a good day!


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