Kristi Gilbert
Kristi Gilbert is a stay-at-home mom in Clarendon Hills. She and her husband Ken moved from the city and bought a home in the village in 2010 with their first child, Ava and they recently welcomed a baby boy, Jack, in November 2011.
She was born and raised in Quincy, IL, southwest of Chicago by approximately 5 hours.  She attended the University of Missouri- Columbia where she studied Architecture & Communications.  Upon graduation in 2001, she moved to Chicago where she lived in Lincoln Park/ downtown until October of 2010.  Kristi and her family moved into their home in Clarendon Hills in mid October and are adjusting to the suburbs very nicely.  She enjoys spending time with friends & family and embarking on new adventures.  She also is very committed to her blog, "Whine & Cheez". She looks forward to getting involved with the community and meeting people beyond her next-door neighbors.  She will share what it is like- being new to the area, as well as her many experiences as a semi-new-Mommy.
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