Christine Scherf
Chris is a communications/sales professional with a broadcast journalism background, but first and foremost, a very proud mom to two exceptional kids, Dillon 16, and Morgan 13!
Chris and her children have lived in Hinsdale for 10 years and truly love their beautiful, "all-inclusive" community.  Where else can you live and work within walking distance to schools, church, dining and friends? A graduate of the University of Florida, Chris takes great pride in having learned her trade from one of the top broadcasting schools in the nation. The university had "live" trucks when most television stations across the country could only dream of them, but also incredibly demanding professors who expected students to prove themselves for an opportunity to work with those state-of-the-art toys.  Go Gators! Chris went on to intern, then anchor and report the news at television stations in Tallahassee, Fl and Columbus, Ga., where she received an Associated Press award for best specialized reporting.  She then chose work behind the camera as a news writer and producer in Washington, DC and Philadelphia.  Chris also worked as a stringer in Washington, where she journeyed through the White House, and the bowels of the House and Senate buildings.  She interviewed many respected Senators and members of Congress, and even President Ronald Reagan.     
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