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Hinsdale Fire Department
121 Symonds Dr, Hinsdale, IL 60521

The Hinsdale Fire Department has 24 full-time professional firefighters on staff. Regardless of rank or age, everyMore member of the department has to pass a physical ability test, which includes the following five challenges:

1) Climbing a five-story tower, wearing 50 pounds of gear and carrying 45 pounds of hose

2) Pull a 45-pound roll of hose hand over hand up the five story tower

3) Descend four floors to strike and move a 150-pound weight five feet, using an eight-pound, shot-filled sledgehammer

4) Walk 100 feet to pick up a hose filled with water and drag it 75 feet

5) Move a 175-pound mannequin 100 feet

In addition to fire and rescue, the department provides public education and services. It has one truck, three engines, two ambulances, two chief cars, one fire prevention car and one pool/resource car.

Both the Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills fire departments respond to calls in both communities.

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