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Missy S July 12, 2014 at 06:37 pm
Sorry to disappoint but I am not familiar with your board, but am a teacher in a less affluentRead More district who has been more insulted by these statements than your board members you are trying so hard to tear apart. I live in Westmont, have a masters degree, and make just shy of $50k. If I had your job, I would be thankful. Your 1.7% raise on your $111,000 salary sounds pretty good to me. I don't think you should be worried about being driven to poverty level. You are slamming so many people it is embarrassing.
Linda Burke July 12, 2014 at 07:39 pm
In case there is any miscommunication here, I don't teach in District 86 or any other public schoolRead More district. My salary is nowhere near $111,000, nor will it ever be. I am the parent of two Hinsdale Central graduates, a concerned resident, and a taxpayer. Exactly how am I "slamming" anyone? If I have unknowingly sent out inaccurate information, I will send out a correction. Telling the truth is not "slamming."
oldschool July 12, 2014 at 10:00 pm
What are these greedy teachers thinking? Sure, they probably see my kids more in on day than I doRead More all week, but whatever!! I prefer that after I pick Adrian and Sophia that they sit in the back of the car and text with their BFF instead of having an actual conversation. These teachers have it sooo easy...teaching is for those losers who couldn't marry into a wealthy social class!!
Dick Flesher June 29, 2014 at 07:20 pm
The June 24th District #86 press release makes mention of the fact, according to Dr. Skoda, thatRead More "we know that the District's offer is rational, fair, respectful and sustainable in every way." The very same can be said of the proposal put forth by the HHSTA. Every faculty member understands fthe need for the these elements in a contract.
Carol Park June 29, 2014 at 09:11 pm
Thank you, Patricia. It is a myth that most teachers have 8-hour work days and work for only 9Read More months a year. I have known many teachers who arrive at school at 6 or 6:30 a.m. and many more who are working with students on extracurriculars or sports teams until 8 or 9 at night. Many teachers also teach summer school, because they need the extra income to support their families and be able to help their own children to go to college. Let's acknowledge that high school teachers are highly educated professionals and compensate them accordingly!
Ken Wilson July 2, 2014 at 02:07 pm
Yeh, go check the faculty parking lot at 6:00 AM or even 4:30 PM like a ghost town. FACT mostRead More educators work their contractually required 7 and a quarter hours a day and cut out, supposing Lunch is not to be considered compensated time. Those that coach or lead extracurricular or chair a department are paid extra for that time to stay late. Any one with children in the schools or recent graduates known many are outstanding educators and there are a few that should find other employment. Ask the students ask their peers who are the great educators and who is falling short, they will tell you both extremes as they do exist. It is hard pressed to argue the current compensation, work environment, mandated work hours and mandated work days in a year (180 - 15 sick and 5 personal = 160 days in a year:7.25 a day back out lunch) is a pretty good gig and fairly compensated. To strike in the face of these facts prima facie seems petty. Now I don't care much about how many highly educated advanced degrees someone has from the University of Phoenix, I am more concerned about an educator's effectiveness in the classroom and their ability to partner with parents. Statistics show very little correlation between educator's having highly educated "advanced degrees" and children learning more in the classroom. After about 5 years up the curve experience also flattens out in terms of its impact on and educator's ability to teach more effectively as the years go on. These are fairly widely accepted facts supported by quantitative data. Teachers are highly appreciated and instrumental, we need to figure out a way to incentivize and reward those that excel at teaching and perform at higher levels than their peers and break away from the antiquated entitlement philosophy.
Carol Park June 23, 2014 at 01:33 pm
The Chicago Tribune editorial that Mr. Kempa lauds was certainly not objective, when it used theRead More figure $300,000 as pay for 2 school nurses. That number was debunked weeks before this editorial, when the D86 HR director finally admitted that he had made up the figure! And yet the editor says he stands by their editorial. The lesson: do not trust the Tribune!
Linda Burke June 23, 2014 at 07:17 pm
Hi Carol. I agree that Monday's Tribune editorial was far from objective and contained both falseRead More and misleading information. Tribune news coverage had already corrected the $300,000 figure for two school nurses, but the correction was obviously ignored by the editorialist. For a balanced account of the negotiations, see the article on the Hinsdale Doings website by Kimberly Fornek, "District Board approves salary for support staff, continues teacher negotiations." It should appear in print on Thursday. With all things considered, the teachers' offer raises total expenditure on teachers by only 1%. For balanced coverage in the Tribune itself, on the board's lavish spending for non-academic purposes among other issues, see the articles by Annemarie Mannion. No reporter has pointed out so far that Mr. Kempa has been handsomely rewarded for his public support of the present board majority. In December 2013 and thereafter, he vocally defended the zero levy, which reduces district revenue below the CPI. What a coincidence that on March 17, 2014, he was hired on a no-bid contract as Interim Treasurer through May 16 at $750 a day and proceeded to work for 19 days, receiving a total of $14,250. Not bad for 19 days of work. A long-term substitute teacher of an academic subject earns $257 a day. It is unclear what Mr. Kempa did to earn his pay. At board meetings, he was seen at the table with other administrators, sleeping through the meeting. I didn't think this present board majority could surprise me any more, but the blatant quid pro quo of putting Mr. Kempa on the payroll was audacity beyond my expectations. The board majority has also spent taxpayer dollars like there's no tomorrow on extra administrators, expensive outside consultants, and--perhaps most outrageous of all--a settlement of the abusive Dianne Barrett lawsuit (crafted with $16,771 worth of a lawyer's time), by revising the student privacy policy to open up confidential student records to board members without a parent's permission. That's in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars drained from the district coffers by her lawsuit per se. Posters keep writing "this is the job we elected them to do." Really? How much of the actions described above did anyone knowingly "elect them to do"? I would be curious to know how anyone can justify their behavior on any grounds, ethical or financial.
Darien Post June 6, 2014 at 11:03 am
I live in Darien and Dist. 86 Hinsdale South their cut of my property tax is $22,000.00 a year.Read More where does it stop. every 10 years they get $220,000.00 its cheaper to send my son to college.
Linda Burke June 6, 2014 at 11:05 pm
Mr. Kempa is right--he is one of a minority in District 86. Last fall and to this day, very fewRead More residents have been willing to defend the zero levy for our high schools in a public forum, under their real names. At the December 16 board meeting referred to in his letter, Mr. Kempa was the exception. He proudly distributed signs with messages of support for the board majority and attempted to rally the audience. Four out of seven board members voted his way, meaning that revenue for the high schools will not keep pace with inflation. Program cuts are inevitable and already happening, to the immense concern of people who care about education, school reputation, and property values. Returning to the subject of this posting: what a coincidence that those very same four board members soon voted to hire Mr. Kempa as "interim district treasurer," to work from March 17 to May 16, at $750 a day! Was Mr. Kempa the most qualified person for the job? We'll never know, because no one else was even considered. According to FOIA documents, which appear to be incomplete, Mr. Kempa put in ten days of service and racked up a cool $14,250. Perhaps he worked additional days recorded on a time sheet that was accidentally omitted from the FOIA disclosure; for that matter, he may have earned more than $14,250, since, as I mentioned, the FOIA documents appear to be incomplete, and he could have worked every day for the two-month period. Giving up information about Mr. Kempa's employment is obviously not what the district office, under the present board majority, most likes to do. Assuming the figure of $14,250 is correct, that is pretty darn good for two months of intermittent employment. What expertise did Mr. Kempa provide in return for these taxpayer dollars? That is also unclear, although at the June 5 Facilities Committee meeting, board members Corcoran and Skoda had fulsome praise for Mr. Kempa's insights--pertaining to vending machines for pop and snacks. Mr. Corcoran added, repeating himself, "He is not my political crony. He is not my political crony." Nothing like that. At board meetings during Mr. Kempa's time of employment, his demeanor was cause for sympathy and concern. From my front row seat I (and others) could see him seated at the table with other administrators--sleeping through most of the meetings. These are just the facts--you can draw your own conclusions, especially about this board majority's stewardship of the taxpayer dollar.
Tracey June 7, 2014 at 06:09 pm
How much are your total taxes Danny?
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