This Might be the Best Super Bowl Prediction Ever

Matthew "Swirls" Cirelli's impressive Super Bowl prediction.

Medford, MA.
Medford, MA.
By Rachel Keen (Medford, MA.)

Matthew “Swirls” Cirelli is a Medford High School graduate, an avid sports fan, and an inspiration to everyone who knew him.  In December, Matt passed away after a two-year long battle with cancer, leaving behind a huge fan base of loving family and friends. On Super Bowl Sunday, a day Matt had been planning for since last year’s game, he made himself very present in the hearts of those he left behind and on the field at MetLife Stadium.
 In August 2013, Matt posted his Super Bowl prediction on twitter:“My super bowl prediction this year is: Denver vs. Seattle with Seattle winning”
Matt’s family got together for their Super Bowl party with their “Swirls Strong” shot glasses and bracelets that had been sold in his honor.  Matt loved family traditions, and this year when his family filled out annual football squares, they put Matt’s name in the empty spots. He won the first quarter.
Throughout the game, Matt’s friends and twitter followers were live-tweeting about #swirlspredictions, reminding each other to knock on wood because superstitious Matt would not be happy if they jinxed his prediction. Matt’s prediction was right, and the Seahawks dominated the Broncos. His friends joked that “Swirls” may have rigged the game from heaven.
 The past two months of dealing with the loss of a son, a brother, a cousin, and a best friend have been heartbreaking and difficult, but Matt’s presence this weekend was encouraging and beautiful. Matt was with the Seahawks on Sunday. He helped them stay Swirls Strong to earn a championship title. This was only one of many times that Matt will continue to be with his loved ones, keeping us all SWIRLS STRONG.
Judi February 04, 2014 at 07:20 AM
I LOVE this story--so endearing and hearfelt !!!! Bubbawubba Gump--I guess your prediction was WAY OFF--because it WAS NOT a very good game--it was a LOUSY game --GO Seahawks !!!
Dori February 04, 2014 at 04:46 PM
Agreed, Judi! It is wonderful to feel your loved one with you when they are not, especially when there is something they loved very much highlighted for the day. Congrats, Swirls! And congrats to my team, the Seahawks!!
Ron Knox February 09, 2014 at 08:48 AM
in the schoolyard that kinda beat down is known as a mercy killing, or a date rape. Embarrassing for Denver..


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