How Can I Keep My Arms Toned After a Shoulder Injury?

Today's 'Ask the Expert' question is being answered by Jessica Storch, owner of Knockout Women's Boxing, a USA Boxing Level 1 Coach, NASM Personal Trainer and Intuitive Eating Specialist.

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Reader question: I injured my shoulder a few months ago and feel like I am losing muscle definition in my arms and upper back. How can I stay toned without risking further injury?

Jessica Storch, Knockout Women's Boxing: Shoulder injuries are frustrating as they impact your training of all upper body movements since they are involved in both pushing & pulling.  

It all depends on what the injury specifically is when it comes to training during recovery because the last thing you want to do is re-injure your shoulder or prolong recovery.  

My first question would be have you had it diagnosed and looked at by a sports medicine doctor and/or physical therapist? The shoulder joint is a very complex and delicate area. Without knowing the injury diagnosis and doctor or PT recommendations it's hard to give you any specific advice.  

I would highly recommend consulting with a PT at *ATI Physical Therapy for a complimentary injury assessment. A physical therapist will be able to give you sound professional advice and exercise guidelines.

Overall, if you aren't experiencing pain with certain movements and are given the okay to return to weight lifting be sure to start with lighter weights and higher repetitions to ensure you are gradually building back strength and tone.

*Editor's Note: ATI is one of the sponsors of Knockout Women's Boxing Club. Although our expert recommends ATI, a consultation with any physical therapist you trust is recommended.


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