George Brothers Shoot to Win at State Hoops Showdown

Phil and Joe George will both compete Thursday in the state Three-Point Showdown in Peoria.

Good aim runs in the family for Joe and Phil George.

The brothers and varsity basketball players both qualified to compete Thursday in the Class 4A Three-Point Showdown at the state basketball tournament.

“It is an extremely unique situation that both of them qualified to participate downstate,” said Hinsdale South Varsity Basketball Coach Vince Doran.

The brothers will compete among 32 players to see who can make the most baskets in 45 seconds. Four players from the first round will qualify for the finals on Friday. The winners from each of the four class divisions will then compete Saturday to be named King of the Hill. 

Both Phil and George, who are shooting guards on Hinsdale South’s team, said they look forward to seeing talent from across the state all in one place.

During the regular season, Doran said that the brothers are a huge asset to the team.

“They are both great kids and very hard workers,” he said. He also said he wouldn't be surprised if Phil won it all Saturday.

Growing up, the brothers would have free-throw contests against each other, which Joe said makes Thursday’s competition all the more special. 

The teens still have a healthy competition with each other, said Phil, a senior.

“Whatever score (Joe) gets, I usually try to top it,” he said. “It’s a good challenge to have him with you.” 

Amid the competition, however, brotherly love ultimately wins out. 

“I’ll be happy for (Phil) if he wins,” said Joe, a junior. “And I know he’ll feel the same way for me.” 


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