Union, District 86 Resume Talks Over Teachers' Contract

In a press conference Monday, district officials outline the contract terms it wants, as well as their hope for how the bargaining process unfolds.

Hinsdale District 86 officials and representatives from the teachers union return to the bargaining table Tuesday to work out a new contract with a federal mediator.

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The current four-year contract expired last month. The Hinsdale High School Teachers Association, which represents 377 teachers at Hinsdale South and Central, have already authorized a strike in the fall should both sides fail to reach an agreement.

District officials held a press conference Monday to go over the terms they're asking for, as well as outline their goals when it comes to negotiations. 

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"Our overriding aim is two-fold: We remain committed to delivering uninterrupted quality education to our students and what is best for them, as they are our primary focus.(; w)e want to be able to provide long-term sustainability of this District in the future which will enable us to continue to provide state of the Art instruction to our future students," Dr. Rick Skoda, district board president, stated in a press release given at the press conference Monday, July 14.

This will be the third bargaining session for the two parties, which met with a mediator June 26 and July 3. The first session lasted four-and-a-half hours.

Patch outlines what each side is asking for in the contract bargaining talks for Hinsdale District 86 teachers.

Sue Pircon July 15, 2014 at 10:06 PM
Mr. Allen, are you really trying to spin this on Ms. Gallo? I cannot believe you think the community would honestly fall for that! First, Ken Wilson tries to somehow make this about the Mueller incident and now you try to spin it to make Ms. Gallo at fault! Are you kidding?? I understand that you and Mr. Wilson are VERY frequent Patch bloggers who ALWAYS support any decision by the current D86 Board majority, but even for you this is a stretch! Ms. Gallo knows her duties as a board member, and that duty is to serve her constituents. It was Dr. Skoda’s duty to CALL AHEAD and inform Board members of the meeting and not have them learn about it in a press release. A quorum is 4 board members, she could have stayed and it would not be an OMA violation. Don’t spin the story into something it isn’t! What the community really wants to know is why didn’t Dr. Skoda and Mr. Corcoran want this meeting public and what are they trying to hide? We want fair and honest negotiations by all the parties but it appears we will not get that as long as Dr. Skoda and Mr. Corcoran remain on the District negotiation team. It is time to end the grand standing and demand they step down from the negotiation team. We have other qualified Board members who can step up and work together with our teachers to assure the continued educational excellence of the district and perhaps avoid some of this drama!
Rahjko Doblinski July 15, 2014 at 10:12 PM
Its a press conference, don't think there is a legal requirement for it to be "open". More than likely they wanted to state thier case without iterruption. This board got a majority vote in a public election for a reason.
Linda Burke July 15, 2014 at 10:29 PM
This is also interesting--the board majority tried to keep the location of the press conference a secret from fellow board members and the public. Chicago Tribune reporter Annemarie Mannion published a short piece several days before the press conference indicating the day and time of the event, but not the place. I'm sure her article wasn't expected by the board majority--they obviously intended a complete surprise, with no advance notice at all. That way, they obviously hoped, they could keep their shenanigans secret from the public except for the version they wanted us to hear, while using a public place supported by public funds to promote their message. Fortunately, there was a person with a conscience who revealed the location of the meeting. One newspaper account of the press conference shows Mr. Corcoran holding up a sophisticated graphic obviously used to advocate for his extreme anti-teacher agenda. Who paid for the PR professionals to design this material? We taxpayers, of course. We will also pick up the tab for the district-wide propaganda mailing planned by the same four board members.
Linda Burke July 15, 2014 at 10:44 PM
This is interesting--the board majority wanted NO advance notice of the press conference to fellow board members or the public. Days before the event, however, Chicago Tribune reporter Annemarie Mannion published a notice of the date and time, but not the place. Reporters were ordered not to reveal the location of the press conference. Fortunately, we were informed by an individual with a conscience, making it possible for concerned residents to attend the event, or try to. As you know, the taxpayers who tried to attend were arrogantly turned away. And to think this is the board majority that promised transparency, honesty, and accountability. We are obviously getting just the opposite.
Linda Burke July 15, 2014 at 11:02 PM
Oops, I didn't think my earlier comment had posted, so I posted the same idea twice. Sorry about that. I am amazed that some people actually LIKE and support the devious tactics of this board majority--the secrecy, the dishonesty, the waste of taxpayer dollars, the contempt for taxpayers. Fortunately more and more district residents are beginning to question. Can't we all agree that if they want to hold a secret meeting and exclude the public, they should pay for their own private venue, their own PR consultants, and their own political mailings?


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