District 86 Moves Forward With Solar Panel Installation, Classroom Renovations

Solar panel installation, resurfacing of the tennis court at Central High School and fire alarm panel upgrades were among phase one projects brought before the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 Board of Education during a Feb. 3 meeting, according to school documents. 

All of the projects are proposed to be completed in 2014, according to the Feb. 3 board agenda. The school board approved an estimated $233,600 for the first phase of construction as well as for the installation of solar panels at the high school, according to the The Doings Hinsdale. 

During the Feb. 3 meeting, Facilities Committee Chairman Ed Corcoran brought two phases of projects before the board, according to the District 86 Board's Briefs. 

Phase I consists of projects that have cleared the Board’s new, formalized proposal procedure, including project identification and purpose, naming the project leader, cost estimation and identifying measurable objectives.

"Unlike past practice, the Board will proceed to bid these Phase I projects for immediate (depending on weather, if outdoors) start, rather than waiting until summer when contractors are busier, and tend to bid higher prices," according to the Hinsdale 86 Board's Briefs.  

Of the $1.5 million budget, the first phase will account for about $350,000. 

After Committee vetting, the Phase I projects recommended to, and approved by, the Board for preparation of final bid documents include: 
  • Fire alarm panel upgrades at both schools
  • Solar panel installation at both schools (the panels will enhance the science and economics curricula at both schools)
  • Tennis court resurfacing at Central
  • Classroom renovations in both buildings (including window blinds, light fixture replacement, art room upgrades, and counter tops and sinks)
Phase II consists of projects approved for further study of concept, design and cost estimation. Those projects include: 
  • Hallway and stairwell lighting enhancement at South
  • New concession facilities at South, and improved washroom facilities available for public events at both campuses
  • Upgrade of the girls’ softball field at Central
  • Roof repairs at Central
  • Relocation and consolidation of Building & Grounds operations at Central
Credit: District 86


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