District 86 Chooses New Assistant Superintendent for Academics

Pam Bylsma Credit: District 86
Pam Bylsma Credit: District 86

Credit: Hinsdale Township High School District 86

The Board of Education has named Pam Bylsma Assistant Superintendent for Academics. Bylsma will begin her contract with the district on July 1, 2014. 

Bylsma’s appointment was approved by the District 86 Board of Education at its Feb. 13 meeting.

“It will be a privilege to work under Dr. Bruce Law’s leadership as the Assistant Superintendent for Academics during this time of significant transition in the field of education at the local, state, and national levels. Together with the staff, we will guide the continual improvement initiatives that will further the District’s mission, vision, and goals.”

Bylsma served as Assistant Principal and Dean of Students at Hinsdale Central High School for 11 years and achieved national recognition for the Character Counts! Education Program she helped to develop and administer during that time. 

In addition, Bylsma worked on a variety of committees including co-chairing the district’s Instructional Improvement Process committee, organizing the Freshman Intervention Program, and initiatives in the areas of wellness, food service, and support staff development. 

Most recently, Bylsma has served the community of Riverside Brookfield as Principal of Riverside Brookfield High School. 

Her work in chairing the Joint Evaluation Committee that developed a new teacher observation and evaluation process will be invaluable to the district as we undertake the same. 

In addition, her ongoing efforts in the development and implementation of curricular, instructional, and school improvement functions will provide an important backdrop to her role at the district level for leading academic initiatives.


“I am excited that Pam has agreed to join our team. She knows District 86,” said Superintendent Law. “She will be able to build on her success as principal at an excellent high school to lead us through this important transition in school, district, and teacher accountability. She will help us extend the Hinsdale D86 tradition of excellence.”

“I thank the Hinsdale District 86 Board of Education and Dr. Law for this vote of confidence and for the trust they have put in me. I pledge to build on the District’s tradition of excellence in order to ensure that all students can maximize their potential to develop the skills, knowledge, and interests required for a productive post-secondary experience and a successful, satisfying life.”

Ken Wilson March 12, 2014 at 12:32 PM
Most often a leader if faced with the decision to be employees' best friend or best boss, seldom are the two compatible. Leaders can go along to get along with their staff, or they can push them to attain ever higher levels of performance. This is largely the distinction between the private sector (where you can only eat what you kill or you starve) verses the public sector where there is generally little or no ramifications for underperformance. The most successful leaders, Jack Welch, Ross Perot, Donald Trump are generally disliked by their staff, but their results are irrefutable. There is a general sense the teachers want to be treated and paid as professionals, but some continue to, through their actions, exhibit juvenile behavior by slamming chairs, slamming doors and wearing advertising to work when they do not get their way. It is unfortunate the inappropriate actions of a relative few exhibit and reflect poorly on all their peers. Every member of the D86 faculty will at some time in their lives have what is commonly accepted as a career moment where they look deep within themselves and determine what will define them as an educator and professional. For some it will be all about themselves, for others it is about the students. The same holds for members of the community. Only the flat-earthers believe the status quo of IL public schools and government can not raise the bar and establish a protocol to increase both efficiency and effectiveness. By the way I would rather have an exceptionally qualified RN with a background in Pediatrics than a mediocre Certified Nurse who has taken 10 credits of on-line continued education and a brief internship at the local day care center. Low performers leave for many reasons, most often the expectation they start to work for a living. Only the truly ignorant pile on new hires (Bylsma and Palmer) the students and community are so enthusiastic about before they even work a day. After they start go ahead and belittle Bylsma and Palmer, but ensure your animas is established in performance based facts. That all includes teachers, nurses, and principals. We as a community should support all new hires as their success is the success of the community and their low performance will be impactful to all. It is pretty selfish to want a new hire to fail and setting that expectation before they even start. All the more power and best of luck to all new hires in a metro Chicago area of 7 million people D86 can find 8 leaders that are sharp, energetic and motived to serve the District's 100,000 residents.


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