My Hope For Illinois Jobs Plummeted After Seeing This Report!

Illinois is projected to be dead last in job creation this year. That's just great! We've broken down the key findings of a jobs outlook report, it's not looking so hot!

If you fear the uphill battle Illinois has been fighting for job creation, this may be a painful read for you. Not only are we fighting job creation, but also retention. Other states are stealing jobs from Illinois in droves. So much that it's become a battle cry of 2014 gubernatorial hopeful Kirk Dillard, who claims to "call a truce with other Governors to stop stealing jobs from each other's states". 

Illinois is going to face a challenge in retaining top talent at both the early career and experienced levels if we don't focus on how to create more jobs and provide a strong business environment. Whether it's looking at lower LLC fees, reforming corporate tax breaks, or changing wages we have to figure out how to promote a healthier business environment.  For a state with so many top colleges, we need to provide an environment to ensure that graduates have options to remain local to become productive Illinois citizens. The findings in this recent report don't seem to be in our favor. Try not to cry after reading this!



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