Plainfield School District's 20 Highest-Paid Administrators

Information on district administrators is public record and must be submitted to the Illinois State Board of Education and posted on the District 202 website.

Editor's note: We post this information because we know it is of interest to our readers, the taxpayers, whose property taxes are the largest source of income for the school district. 

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Follow the links below for a detailed look into each school district’s administrators’ compensation packages. The information is what was provided to employees in the past full year. 

School districts are required by law to post, each year, itemized salary compensation reports for “every employee in the district holding an administrative certificate and working in that capacity" on or before Oct. 1.

The reports must include base salary, bonuses, pension contributions, retirement increases, cost of health and life insurance, sick- and vacation-day payouts, annuities and any other compensation. 

Most of the salary information listed below was reported to the Illinois State Board of Education for 2012 by District 202. Salary information for employees with asterisks (*) next to their names was obtained by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request due to staffing changes that meant their current positions or salaries were not reflected in the ISBE report.

Name Title Base salary Other benefits Total John Harper Superintendent $270,446.33 $49,007.46 $319,453.79 Mark Heiss Director of Administration and Personnel - Elementary School $129,122.4 $34,192.33 $163,314.73 Robert Smith Principal - Plainfield Central High School $128,528.4 $34,167.42 $162,695.82 Craig Brown Director of Administration and Personnel - High School $127,372.63 $33,987.09 $161,359.72 Kathleen Baxter Principal - Crystal Lawns Elementary School $126,367.88 $23,409.44 $149,777.32 Anthony Manville Principal - Plainfield East High School $125,395.4 $33,799.5 $159,194.9 Mina Griffith Assistant Superintendent for Student Services $124,704.01 $33,718.3 $158,422.31 Glenn A. Wood* Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction $122,831.80 $37,326.33 $160,158.12 Daniel C. Thorse* Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Personnel $122,831.80 $37,326.33 $160,158.12 Christian Rivara Principal - Indian Trail Middle School $122,808.40 $33,495.64 $156,304.04 Angela Smith* Assistant Superintendent - Business and Operations $120,469.65 $37,081.25 $157,550.90 Linda Casey Director of Instructional Technology and Media $120,378.20 $33,180.35 $153,558.55 Raymond Epperson Principal - Plainfield North High School $119,353 $33,089.75 $152,442.75 David Travis Principal - Plainfield South High School $119,353 $33,089.75 $152,442.75 Joan Woolwine Director of Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary/Middle School $119,049.60 $33,024.60 $152,074.20 Tod Schnowske Principal - Plainfield Academy $116,890.80 $32,800.65 $149,691.45 Stephen E. Diveley Principal - Heritage Grove Middle School $114,038.6 $32,465.58 $146,504.18 Patrick E. Flynn Principal - Drauden Point Middle School $114,038.6 $32,465.58 $146,504.18 Sharon Alexander Principal - Aux Sable Middle School $111,259.20 $32,139.20 $143,398.47 Ernestine Radomsky* Director of English Language Learners $108,667.30 $34,656.72 $143,324.02

Due to some staffing changes, some of the highest-paid administrators, as reported to ISBE, are no longer with the district. The following staffers are included in the ISBE report but have been replaced by lower-paid staff, according to the district, resulting in a monetary savings:

  • Former Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations John Prince (replaced by Angela Smith), base salary $181,268
  • Former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Carmen Ayala (replaced by Glenn Wood), base salary $159,755.20
  • Former Director of English Language Learners Linda Hoste (replaced by Ernestine Radomsky), base salary $156,755.20
  • Former Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Personnel Darlene von Behren (replaced by Dan Thorse), base salary $156,755.20.

By hiring those staffers' replacements at a lower salary, the district will save about $158,000 in salary costs, according to district officials, which will offset the cost of hiring an associate superintendent. Former Plainfield Central High School Principal Lane Abrell was hired in December to serve as the associate superintendent for the 2013-2014 school year, making a base salary of $168,000.

He will become superintendent after John Harper retires in July 2014; at that point, his base salary will jump to $205,000.

Lisa S. February 02, 2013 at 03:54 AM
Actually, I could send my kids to private school quite comfortably for what I pay in taxes to the school district every year. And what you fail to recognize is that not everyone is as lucky as you to be able to provide additional education at home or the time to spend doing it.
kim vaccariello April 03, 2013 at 02:56 AM
I think we should be more concerned with the Federally regulated and mandatory Common Core Curriculum that is going to cost our district a huge expense to impliment. If you are not familiar with the new Common Core Curriculum, please do so.
Kelly Hannah April 16, 2014 at 06:59 PM
Plainfield educators are paid way less than all neighboring school districts. Administrators do not have summers off. If you think that educators have an ideal job, go back to school, earn your credential, masters degree and in some cases doctorate, and have at it. Everybody is a critic behind a computer screen. Do you say the same things to the face of administrators at your child's school, or at school board meetings ? I think not.
Kristine Neumann April 16, 2014 at 08:11 PM
Kelly, I don't know why you're commenting on something well over a year later, but I would like to respond. What about taxpayers like me that have no children in the schools & still must still pay through the nose on my property taxes? And before you ask who paid for my education, my parents put my 2 brothers & myself in private schools because they didn't like the public schools. So my question would be, what are they doing with the taxes they collect from households like mine that contribute nothing to the expense?
Kelly Hannah April 16, 2014 at 09:41 PM
Kristine, why I'm replying now is not pertinent. Aside from that, you asking me about a nationwide issue that I don't have the answer to. Although property taxes go to way more than just schools. I don't use the local community college, forest preserves, etc., but my taxes still go there. I paid property taxes long before I had children and will long after they are out of school. Life isn't fair.


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