Storm System Brings Funnel Clouds, Flooding to Western Suburbs

Numerous sightings of funnel clouds reported in skies over western suburbs.

Funnel clouds hung in the skies over the western suburbs when quick moving storms passed through the area on Tuesday evening.

Officials activated the sirens in Oak Brook and Hinsdale around 6:20 p.m. when funnel clouds were spotted over both towns, ABC-7 reported.

Sightings of the needle-like protuberances were reported in Elmhurst, Westmont, Lombard, Downers Grove and Western Springs.

"I saw the swirling cloud coming out of the sky, it was pretty small but far away. It was sucking other clouds with it,” Corrine Moorman, who spotted a funnel cloud while shopping in Downers Grove, told ABC-7. “No one really seemed concerned, a couple people were scared, a few kids ran inside. I could hear sirens from other towns going off," Corrine Moorman, who spotted a funnel cloud while shopping in Downers Grove, told ABC-7.”

National Weather Service said such funnel clouds rarely touch the ground and typically do not pose any sort of hazard. Tuesday's atmospheric conditions did not support strong, damaging tornadoes and there is no indication on radar to support any longer lived tornadic activity.

Tuesday’s storm also caused flooding in LaGrange, where several residential streets were caused due to flooding, ABC-7 reported.

Natalie Derewjanko submitted this video of a funnel cloud near Lombard to the National Weather Service Chicago Facebook page.


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