Joseph Scalise, Clarendon Hills Mob Thief, Gets 9-year Prison Sentence

The man known as "The Monk" pleaded guilty in January to federal charges related to a planned robbery of an armored truck in La Grange.

Chicago Outfit-connected thief Joseph Scalise of Clarendon Hills was sentenced to nearly nine years in prison Wednesday for his role in planning the robbery of an armored truck in La Grange and the break-in of a Bridgeport-based mob boss's home, The Doings reported Thursday.

The Doings reported that Scalise was given the minimum sentence by Judge Harry D. Leinenweber. 

, the 74-year-old thief gained infamy in 1980 when he helped steal the 45-carat Marlborough Diamond from a London jewelry store. The diamond has never been found, but Scalise was convicted and given 13 years in prison. According to the Associated Press, Scalise told reporters outside of the hearing Wednesday that if insurers wanted to pay enough money, they could get the diamond back.

Scalise has a long criminal history ABC Chicago reported, which includes being tied to mob murders. He was arrested most recently when the FBI busted plans by Scalise; Robert Pullia, 70; and Arthur "The Genius" Rachel, 73, to rob an armored car in La Grange and to commit the home invasion of a deceased Chicago mob boss' former home in Chicago. According to Fox Chicago News, they were arrested outside the boss' home in Chicago in 2010.

According to the FBI, Scalise, Pullia and Rachel were attempting an armed robbery of the First National Bank of La Grange. The FBI had been working with La Grange police since a robbery at a Harris Bank branch on La Grange Road, for which the robbers made off with more than $100,000.

Police recovered DNA evidence that indicated Scalise was in the getaway car.

The men were getting ready for the First National robbery, and planned to steal a bag of cash that was to be picked up by an armored car. Scalise and his accomplices were seen near the bank conducting surveillance many times, according to the FBI.

Fox reported that before being busted for the most recent charges, Scalise worked as a technical advisor on the 2008 film Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp. 

When Scalise was arrested in 2010, his address was 5729 Clarendon Hills Rd. in Clarendon Hills, according to Fox.

Read The Doings' full story on Scalise's sentencing here.


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