IHP Murder Defendant Refused to Cooperate with Mental Exam

Although John L. Wilson has twice proven impossible to examine, he did show new signs of comprehension in court on Monday.

The man accused of the has twice failed to cooperate with a mental-health examination by Cook County Forensic Clinical Services, prosecutors said in Cook County 5th District court on Monday.

Attempts were made to examine John L. Wilson on April 17 and April 20, both unsuccessful. Exam administers asked for an extension to try again, which Associate Judge John J. Hynes has granted.

Hynes once again remanded Wilson to the Cook County Department of Corrections for a third exam later this week and issued a warning that future lack of cooperation would automatically invalidate any type of insanity defense.

In contrast to , Wilson generally acknowledged his understanding of statements made by the judge, although he had to be told repeatedly to state “yes” and not just nod.

The case looks likely to proceed to a jury trial.

“Both sides are eager to get this to a trial, and that’s my desire as well,” Hynes said.

The Chicago Tribune reported in November that Wilson has a self-contradictory mental health record and that while he has claimed to have received psychiatric help since childhood, he also has acknowledged “doing crazy stuff to get out of the cell.”

Wilson was found fit to stand trial in 2003, when he was . He had been on parole less than a year when, police say, he stabbed Kelli O’Laughlin to death in her Indian Head Park home.

The case’s next status hearing is scheduled for May 14. Wilson is charged in a 31-count felony indictment, including charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery, aggravated unlawful restraint and home invasion.


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