Hinsdale Fire Officials Urge Residents to Clear Fire Hydrants

During this season's extreme winter, emergency personnel and fire officials in the village of Hinsdale have been busy. 

As of Feb. 7, the Hinsdale Fire Department had responded to 300 emergency calls during this winter season, according to an e-mail from Steve Tullis, Public Information Officer for the Hinsdale Police Department.

But one of the greatest challenges the village has had this winter, is trying to keep its approximately 1,000 fire hydrants clear of snow. 

"Every day, we send on-duty members to shovel out hydrants in the Village. Unfortunately, more snow falls and snow plow services rebury the hydrants," according to Tullis. 

The Hinsdale Fire Department provided the following press release regarding its request for residents to help keep the village's hydrants clear of snow: 

With snow having piled up around town, Hinsdale Fire Chief Rick Ronovksy is encouraging residents to “adopt a hydrant” near their homes by removing any snow that is covering the hydrant.

“Clearing hydrants of snow has been an ongoing process this year,” stated Ronovsky. “We have several members of our department out in the streets shoveling hydrants every day. Unfortunately, we can’t get to them all, so we are asking residents to be diligent with keeping hydrants clear.”

The large amount of snow accumulation, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads, driveways and parking lots has left the nearly 1,000 fire hydrants partially or completely buried in snow. The Department asks that residents make a snow-free, 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant, allowing fire crews to easily access the hydrant if it is needed.

“We ask that residents safely venture out and assess the fire hydrant near their home, and shovel an area around that is accessible from the street,” added Lieutenant Mike Neville. “This is a great opportunity to get kids involved in a valuable community service.”

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Hinsdale Fire Department at 630-789-7060. 


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