[UPDATED] Bond Set at $1 Million in Death of Pregnant Woman

Police said Alisha N. Bromfield was more than six months pregnant when she died. Charges are expected against Brian M. Cooper, accused of strangling Bromfield during a trip to Door County, Wisconsin.

Updated at 2 a.m. Aug. 22

Bond was set at $1 million Tuesday for Brian M. Cooper, accused in the strangling death of 21-year-old Alisha N. Bromfield at a resort in Door County, Wisconsin. Bromfield was more than six months pregnant at the time of her death, police said.

Sheriff Terry Vogel said Cooper and Bromfield, both of whom have Plainfield addresses, were in Door County to attend Cooper's sister's wedding.

On Sunday, Cooper called police from a gas station in Sister Bay, saying he had killed his girlfriend, Vogel said.

At a bond hearing Tuesday afternoon, Door County District Attorney Raymond Pelrine said while Cooper described Bromfield as his girlfriend, the two had dated in the past but attended the wedding on Saturday as friends, according to the Door County Advocate.

Pelrine said Cooper will likely be charged with two counts of first-decree homicide — one charge for Bromfield and one for her unborn daughter — as well as third-degree sexual assault, alleging that Cooper has sex with Bromfield after strangling her.

To read the full Door County Advocate story, click here.

Original story:

A Wisconsin gas station co-owner said Brian Cooper was calm and polite when he came into her business Sunday afternoon to report the murder of his girlfriend.

Cooper, 35, is due in court Tuesday afternoon for a bond hearing in the death of Alisha N. Bromfield, 21.

Police in Door County said both Cooper and Bromfield have  mailing addresses and were in Wisconsin to attend Cooper's sister's wedding.

On Tuesday, Door County Sheriff Terry Vogel told the Door County Advocate that Bromfield was about 6-1/2 months pregnant with a baby girl when she was killed. A family friend of Bromfield’s said Cooper was not the father of the baby.

According to the Chicago Tribune, an autopsy revealed Bromfield's cause of death was suffocation. It will be up to the Door County District Attorney to determine whether Cooper will be charged with two counts of murder due to Bromfield's pregnancy, Vogel said.

Denise Bhirdo, co-owner of Bhirdo’s Shell station in Sister Bay, said Cooper was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and appeared barefoot when he walked into the gas station around noon Sunday and asked her to dial 911 for him.

The reason Cooper gave when she asked him why might have rattled most people, but Bhirdo said she stayed calm.

“He said he needed to report a murder,” Bhirdo said, adding she immediately called and relayed that information to a 911 dispatcher before handing the telephone over the counter to Cooper.

“He was standing in front of the counter and I was behind it,” Bhirdo said.

According to Vogel, Cooper admitted to killing Bromfield, but Bhirdo said he was polite and calm as he spoke to the dispatcher.

“At one point, though, I would say after about five to 10 minutes of talking on the phone, he kind of dropped to his knees on the floor and started to get a bit emotional,” she said.

Bhirdo, who continued to wait on Shell station customers as Cooper spoke to the dispatcher, said she offered him a cordless phone so he could talk more privately. Cooper switched phones with her and moved into one of the aisles, Bhirdo said.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Cooper was reporting a crime he had witnessed or something he had committed.

“When he first came in, there were three things that came to my mind,” Bhirdo said. “First, is he delusional? Second, did he witness a murder? And third, did he commit a murder?”

Bhirdo said she did not hear Cooper actually confess to killing Bromfield.

“A couple of things that he had said to the dispatcher led me to believe that he had done it,” said Bhirdo, who is also Sister Bay village president. “That was my deduction.”

Bhirdo said she continued to wait on customers, who did not appear to notice anything was amiss.

“People came and went,” she said. “I remained extremely calm once I heard him say that, because I didn’t want to agitate the situation.”

Bhirdo said she wasn’t entirely sure how long it took police to arrive at the gas station, estimating Cooper had been in the store about 20 minutes when officers entered the building with their guns drawn.

It wasn’t until then that Bhirdo became alarmed, she said.

“Just like out of a cop show on television, with very loud, raised voices, they ordered him to drop to the floor,” she said. “That’s when I started to get rattled. I thought, ‘OK, the police are here, and he did something really awful.’”

Bhirdo said officers searched Cooper, who did not appear to be armed, before handcuffing him and taking him away.

After the ordeal, Bhirdo said she called her sister, gas station co-owner Michelle Bhirdo-Pluff, and asked her to take over her duties at the cash register.

She said police questioned her for about 40 minutes following the incident.

Cooper due in court Tuesday

Around the time Cooper was taken into custody, deputies discovered Bromfield’s body in a motel room at a resort about 35 miles from Sister Bay, Vogel said.

Cooper was due in Door County court Tuesday afternoon.

peace and love September 02, 2012 at 03:19 PM
You are rude and inappropriate for making this about anything other than mourning three lost souls and a ripple effect for both families and close friends. Shame on everyone for taking a tragedy out of context and making assumptions without facts.
Baba O'Riley September 03, 2012 at 12:08 AM
He's human garbage. Bad wiring. He might have thought he was another tough guy wannabe on the outside but he'll see what real hardcore criminals are like on the inside. His hell will is coming.
nicademus September 06, 2012 at 05:18 AM
This mutant will get "Hell on Earth" in prison. Amen!
whirledpeas September 19, 2012 at 01:18 PM
shameonyou, i understand where you are coming from but to ask people to not pass judgement about such a serious issue just isn't fair. those that knew neither alisha or brian are likely to be outraged and filled with hate directed at brian, and with good reason. those that knew alisha, of course, are going to be outraged as well, and they have every reason to be. i did not know her but i will continue to pray for all of those close to her. for those that know brian, and i am one of them, i am guessing that we are all in a state of shock, i know that i am. this heinous act is so out of character from the brian that i know. i am excusing nothing and not attempting to change how anyone else feels, i am simply sharing an opinion, mine, from the perspective of someone who knows brian. It would be great if we lived in a world where we all left judgement up to the One who's opinion matters but we are all human and it is in our nature to do so. this situation has taught me something tho...on numerous occasions in the past, i have been on the other side of this equation, voicing my hatred towards someone i did not know for something that they did. now i am in the position of knowing the person that did the something and it makes me realize that there are two sides to all of these instances, two sets of families and friends crushed and hurting.
whirledpeas September 19, 2012 at 01:18 PM
all deserve to be prayed for in my opinion, even brian. i for one know that i wont be so quick to spew hatred towards the accused that i dont know ever again. but i wont judge those who do. they wont understand unless they experience knowing the accused. the entire situation is horribly sad. praying for peace for all.


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