Before Breaking In, Make Sure It's Your Car

Here's this week's selection of items from suburban police blotters.

Double Oops

ELMHURST, Sept. 16—Police found a man passed out behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry parked on First Street near Larch Avenue. They noticed the driver's side window was smashed out and glass was strewn throughout the inside of the car. When the man woke up, police reported that he told them he was drunk and had to break into his car because he had locked his keys inside. However, police determined that the man broke into the wrong car. They found his Mitsubishi parked on the third floor of the Larch Parking Deck.

Eduardo Rivera, 27, 325 E. Myrick, Addison, was charged with criminal damage to a vehicle and criminal trespass to a vehicle. He was released on bond.

Next Job Might be on a Big House

LA GRANGE, Sept. 21—A homeowner told police a Brookfield contractor was paid $1,250 for renovations. The contractor deposited the check but was arrested a few days later on an outstanding warrant from Indiana. The resident reported difficulty getting the money back from the contractor's business or family.

Could have been a Great Chase Scene

ST. CHARLES, Sept 20—Five golf carts were reported stolen from the Kane County Fairgrounds on Sept. 20, according to police. The owner said the carts disappeared sometime during the last three to four months but didn’t have an exact time for when they went missing. Each is valued at $2,500. They were stored in an old sheep barn on the grounds.

Trouble. Right Here in a River City

ST. CHARLES, Sept. 19—Three men were arrested after a fight over a game of pool in a downtown bar, police reported. The victim reportedly was “belly-bumped” and hit in the head after he told one of the men that grabbing the cue ball was against the rules. The victim told police he was then surrounded by the three men and, feeling threatened, pulled out a folding pocket knife. A video recording of the incident allegedly shows the three men punching, kicking and throwing a chair at the victim. He was taken to Delnor Hospital for treatment. Richard James Bridgewater, 50, of 836 Fifth Ave, Geneva; Gregory M. Lofton, 29, 406 S. Prospect, Wheaton; and Johnny Valentino Perez, 40, 324 Church St., Batavia, were charged with misdemeanor battery.

Saw Their Vehicle, Couldn't Follicle

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 17—Ten boxes of Rogaine valued at $408 were reported stolen at CVS Pharmacy, 400 Ogden Ave. at 11:24 a.m. An employee said she was helping other customers when she heard boxes falling in an aisle and saw a female leave the store quickly, activating the sensor alarms. The woman was captured on video and described as being in her 30s, with a medium build, wearing a green jacket with jeans. She was seen leaving the store parking lot with three males in a white Chevy Tahoe.

Not Bonnie and Clyde. Cy an' Magenta, Maybe

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 17—A man and woman stole ink cartridges valued at $757 from Office Max, 1516 Butterfield Road around 1:55 p.m. An employee saw the woman in an aisle and noticed the back of her coat was unusually bulky. The employee told the woman it felt like something was in her coat and instructed her to come to the office. A man standing nearby struck the employee in the left hip and the two ran out of the store. A manager was outside and saw the two leave in a green Ford Taurus. While stocking shelves later, store employees discovered the ink cartridges missing. The female was described as being in her 30s, 4’11”, 180 lbs with frizzy blond hair. The male was described as being about 185 lbs. with brown hair and a crew cut.

No Swings, Just Dancing

LA GRANGE, Sept 14—Police responded to a call at about 7:33 p.m. from someone who said there were 10 kids in Denning Park, Gilbert Avenue and 50th Court, who looked like they might get into a fight. But when he got there, he found a group that was dancing.

Midnight Ramblers Make Off with Hot Rocks

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 13—Three males were seen taking landscaping rocks from a pond at Advantage Futures, 1501 Warren Avenue between 12:30 a.m. and 12:45 a.m. A witness said it was too dark to get a good description of the men and he did not want to confront them during the theft.

Careful with the Cuervo

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 13—A man attempted to take a bottle of Jose Cuervo valued at $26.99 from Jewel Osco, 1148 Ogden Ave. around 4 p.m. and was stopped outside the store. An employee tried to get the bottle back from the man. It broke and the man fled. Police said the employee could only describe the man as being skinny with buzz cut hair. A loss prevention employee at the store was not there but would contact police about surveillance video from the store.

Just Her Niece, uh, Not Mona Lisa

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 9—A woman came to the police station to report a portrait of her niece was taken from the mailbox area of her apartment building in the 5400 block of Walnut sometime between 9:13 a.m. Sept. 9 and 8 p.m. Sept. 11. The woman, who was in Chicago for the weekend, was alerted of the missing portrait after receiving an email from Federal Express stating it was delivered the morning of Sept. 9.

Goes Out with the Tide

ELMHURST, Sept. 6—A man tried to steal four bottles of Tide laundry detergent worth $86 from Dominick's, 215 S. Route 83, at 2:54 p.m.  When the saw he was being followed, he dropped the bottles in the parking lot and fled in a car with a female passenger.

Patch reports on law enforcement activity using information provided by official agencies. Persons charged with a crime or issued a citation for violation of a local ordinance are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you or a family member are charged with a crime or cited for a violation and the charge or citation is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor of this Patch so we can follow up on the case.


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