Baseball Bat Beatings, Accused Killer Requests to Represent Himself in Court

Here's a look back at this week's top headlines in Burr Ridge.

John L. Wilson, the man accused of killing a 14-year-old Lyons Township freshman in her own home has been found mentally fit to stand trial. In a move that surprised even his lawyer at the time, Wilson dismissed his counsel and requested to represent himself at trial that has him facing life in prison.

Some residents on the DuPage side of Burr Ridge are asking why they're paying a substantial amount more in property taxes this year then in previous years. Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso said he was "shocked" at the increase.

Samuel Watson, one of two men accused of burglarizing a home on Old Mill Lane in Burr Ridge last fall is scheduled to appear in Cook County Court next week. Police are looking at Watson as a person of interest in several other burglaries that took place on Old Mill Lane.

A Burr Ridge resident is one of two men accused of beating and attempting to rob two men in Villa Park on May 13. Reports say the beating might have been a gang-related case of mistaken identity.

District 86 has filed a motion for sanctions against the board member and her lawyers seeking reimbursement for costs related to the latest hearing. At the same time board member Dianne Barrett is taking on the board's new access policy, questioning its legality.


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