We're Not in Clarendon Hills Any More

How do we know? Because we are eating and snorkeling our way through paradise.

Well, we made it. After a quick trip to Tampa (to leave Ava with the Grandparents), we arrived in Grand Cayman for our adult vacation. I haven't been here in 14 years; however, it is far more beautiful than I recall. The water is like no other place on earth—crystal clear for as far as you can see. It is absolutely breathtaking.

We've managed to do a few things in the four days we have been here.

On the first night, we ate at Blue. It's one of few five-star restaurants on the island, and is owned by one of the world’s greatest seafood chefs, Eric Ripert (featured on Top Chef). Blue is conveniently located in the Ritz Carlton—which makes it that much better for us lazy folk (not a far crawl back to our room). The menu has something for everyone—even Mr. Meat and Potatoes (aka my husband, Ken) was satisfied. 

Rather than try the prix fixe menu, we opted to order things that suited our taste buds a little better. I ordered the lobster appetizer, red snapper entree and the white chocolate dessert. And, I would like to repeat that very meal for my "last supper."

It was incredible. No wonder this chef is world renowned. Mr. Meat and Potatoes got a green salad and (Drum roll, please.) a steak. He finished his meal with the chocolate banana dessert, which was equally delish. When we were finished two hours later, we were exhausted. I don't know if it was the sun, the travel and/or the food, but we were officially spent. What a great day.

One day, we geared up and went kayaking. The hotel offers a lot of water sports and this is one that I was willing to try. It was fun, and short-lived since Ken thought it would be fun to guide me into the deep, blue (most likely shark-infested) waters. Doesn't this guy know I'm terrified of the ocean? I nearly smacked him with my oar trying to knock some sense into him, before he turned us around and headed back to shallow waters.

With that said, it probably came as a total shock to him, that I agreed to go snorkeling. We booked a snorkel tour with The Red Sail and they took us to the Wreck of the Cali, as well as some other cool reefs. The trip only lasted a few hours, which was ideal, if you ask me. I'm not a fan of those all-day boat trips where you're at the mercy of the boat guides and can't leave when you've had enough. We saw some cool fish and other marine life, but no great white sharks. My ideal kind of snorkeling.

I suppose we will venture into George Town for some shopping in the next day or two, just to take a break from the scorching sun. When we were in our cab on the way to the hotel, we passed George Town and the driver mentioned the fantastic deal on diamonds there, at prices nearly 30 percent from what you would pay in the U.S. This was when I turned to Ken and said, "Well, isn't that convenient!" Good thing I left some space in the carry-on. Might need to load that puppy up with some bling for yours truly.

Then again, we could save the cab fare to George Town and just head up the fifth floor of our hotel. What is on the fifth floor, you ask? None other than Tiffany & Co. Just walking by the jewelry case is enough to make a girl drool. I haven't lured Ken up there yet. I'm thinking that after a few pina coladas he might be a little more flexible with the wallet strings. Mr. Bartender, can you make his a double, please? 

Next on the dining itinerary, we are going to visit Casanova. It came highly recommended from a few friends, and has a reputation on the island for great food, coupled with an amazing view. I am looking forward to that. Maybe we'll save that for our last night—a little romantic ambiance for our final "alone night"—at least until our next adult vacay!

Lucky for us, we still have a few more days to explore before heading back to Florida to collect our beautiful daughter. Did I mention how much I miss that little noodle? Each night before bed, I watch my YouTube videos of her. That sweet girl has no clue how much I miss her. Which reminds me. I need to start collecting souvenirs to bring back for her. I would really love a 5-karat diamond souvenir to show her.

Think it's possible? A girl can certainly dream, right?


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