Letter to the Editor: Neighbor Opposes MECCA Construction

A Timberlake resident cites busy traffic and drainage problems as grounds to challenge MECCA construction.

Dear Editor,

As an owner of buildings on Echo Lane, directly across from the proposed MECCA Center, and a resident of Timberlake, I am opposed to this structure being built.

It is too large with too much usage (even projected at only the allowed 597 per the Development Committee, not the 1,000 projected by MECCA. The Transportation Department stated almost 400 parking spaces are needed although 230 are planned. Precedence has been set in Bridgeview and Villa Park with cars being parked on road aprons, other private parking lots and numerous police don't control the chaos around the Friday services. What about our neighborhood streets and parking areas for the residents? Anne M. Jeans Elementary is right there and children play in the area - an accident waiting to happen.

91st Street needs to be widened but where is there property to do this? Their usage  will be seven days a week between classes, meetings and numerous services per day plus sports in the gym.

I still don't believe that the drainage issue due to the size of the  building and parking lot will alleviate flooding for area residents including Jamie Lane, Echo Lane and Anne M. Jeans.

We have signatures from 500 area residents and taxpayers against this massive building. We are hoping the DuPage County Board will listen to us, not a non-taxpaying body that bought the wrong property in a residentially zoned area for a commercial use.

Melinda Smith


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