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The NBA rewarded Kevin Durant's performance this year with its' most valuable player award. He politely thanked his teammates, coaches and fans and then candidly called his mother, the "real MVP".  No one, anywhere on this planet, would be here without their mother. That's a constant. The foundation to any success as an admirable human being, commences with a mother's love. Nurtures with her guidance and thrives with her blessings!You don't need a special holiday to honor your Mother. Being the best you can be, especially in challenging circumstances, will always bring a smile to your Mom's face. She may have diapered you, dressed you, fed you- but eventually she let you go...off on your own. She knew you'd make mistakes but she trusted that you could make amends. Maybe your Mother is no longer around. That doesn't diminish in any regard, the impact she endowed to you.Men will subconsciously look for a mate that encompasses their own Mother's finer qualities. They may initially compare their better half to her Mom. In a traditional world, even the father would admit- it's the Mother that actually rules the roost. A true Mother accepts you for who you are, regardless of your views and beliefs.Kevin Durant is at the top of the world, with his athletic talent and his shining character and you know where that comes from! I'm equally very proud, to have a  remarkable Mother, that enables me to vicariously and authentically feel just as KD, at the zenith of being. My adorable wife is a Mother to our amazing daughter (adopted) that doesn't diminish that relationship in the slightest. Because Mom's do their thing, any progeny has the gift to become a MVP, wouldn't you agree?


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