Enjoying Green Activities in Burr Ridge While It's Warm

Local ways to enjoy the outdoors without adding to your carbon footprint.

Burr Ridge is finally warming up. Unpredictable weather is giving way to more light and heat. Although New Year’s resolutions are long gone, why not make a spring resolution to get outside more? This might be a good time—or one of the only times in the near future—to bask in the warmth outdoors, or to enjoy it in more active ways. It’s a great chance to appreciate the outdoors.

How about a hike through the forest preserves or a stroll through the neighborhood? Enjoy the relatively new sidewalks lining County Line Road, from 91st Street to the old Burr Ridge Village town hall or the new police station. These are perfect excuses to get outside without going far from home.

In addition, the bicyclists that frequently ride over the hills in Burr Ridge, especially on 91st Street, set a good example for the rest of us. Why not make the most of our own roads? These streets were made for a good workout.

This is also a terrific time to garden. Why not plant now, when the weather’s warm and you want some time in the sun? For some good advice and ways to be eco-friendly while you garden, contact Hinsdale Nurseries http://www.hinsdalenurseries.com/.

You could even take your yoga mat outside, if you have a deck or another, relatively flat surface. There are plenty of places to use for spotting during balance poses, including trees, points on your roof, etc. Just don’t spot on a bird on any trees that might be in front of you, in case it flies away.

One way to appreciate the outdoors is to spend some time grilling outside. To help green your grilling experience, consider making these 10 tips part of it. They could help you enjoy a Chicago-area tradition in a way that’s good for the earth and for your family and friends.

Any of these activities can be green and enjoyable. Whatever you choose, I hope you make the time to get outside. Enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. Happy spring (finally!)


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