Congress Split on Solution to High Fuel Prices, Plus This Week’s Cheapest Gas

Until Congress figures out how to lower the increasing cost of fuel, take a look at local gas prices near Burr Ridge.

As the national average gas price hits $3.96, a recent poll found that U.S. Congress is spit on how to lower the increasing cost of fuel. 

The National Journal reported today that 84 percent of Democrats on Capitol Hill support repealing tax breaks for oil and gas companies compared to 30 percent of Republicans. When it comes to reducing restrictions on oil and gas production, 97 percent of Republicans are in favor compared to 16 percent of Democrats.

Congress members also weighed in on raising fuel-efficiency standards and boosting subsidies for electric and natural-gas-powered cars.

What do you think Congress should do to lower gas prices?

Until they come up with a solution, here’s a look at local gas prices. Speedway comes in with the cheapest gas near Burr Ridge.

Regular Mid Premium Speedway
9059 S. Kingery Hwy. $4.29 $4.39 $4.49 Mobile
7675 Kingery Hwy. $4.39 $4.51 $4.63 7-11
535 Joliet Rd. $4.39 $4.52 $4.63 Shell
7505 Kingery Hwy. $4.39 $4.59 $4.69 Shell
16W601 S. Frontage Rd. $4.47 $4.64 $4.74


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