Mary and Pumpkin - Looking for YOU!

two young girls LOOKING FOR YOU!
two young girls LOOKING FOR YOU!

I’ve met Mary sometime in late August.

She, along with more than 30 other cats was living at this barn.
At that time, though there was food and shelter she looked very emaciated and frail. But she was always there to greet me.

As I continued to bring food, Mary started spending a lot of time around me and I was even able to catch her once. She wiggled her way out of my hands and was more careful later. But she continued to be the first one I would see whenever I showed up – she either had some separate way of knowing when I’m coming or she truly never ventured outside.

The first trap I set was Mary’s! I was actually still setting another trap when I heard her trigger the door. At the vet we discovered she was already spayed and healthy.

And so Mary went to live in a temporary setting – a kind person’s heated garage. The plan was for her to be in a crate for at least first few weeks hoping that even such a tiny amount of contact with humans would help her recover her original friendliness.

But Pumpkin had different ideas. See Pumpkin is another young and shy girl that lived in this garage when Mary was brought in. The little calico instantly felt drawn to her. Together these two girls managed to open the crate and release Mary out. And the friendship was instantly formed.

Judging from Mary’s instant transformation despite so little attention, her initial friendliness and the fact that she truly seems to seek human company we are sure she would do well in a foster home.

But Pumpkin has to come with her. It would be very sad to brake such a beautiful friendship.

Beside friends should always be there for each other and I guess this is Mary’s turn to help!

Please consider fostering these two young girls. They are both around 1 year old and with little patience and love they would make wonderful companions.

Contact azraelsplace@hotmail.com or 708-218-4501

Now days we find them snuggling together every time we check.


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