Home Helpers of Hinsdale makes it easy to eat right

When Kate Jones and her siblings were growing up, home-cooked meals were part of the daily routine. But as their mother aged, Kate, of Kate’s Comfort Food, noticed that she no longer took to the stove or the oven to prepare a meal.

“She would opt for an orange over an actual balanced dinner,” Jones said.

And she wasn’t alone. Rather than shopping and cooking for one, many older adults turn to fast food or frozen dinners. And while those meals might be tasty, they typically aren’t a healthy choice.

“What we offer here is literally homemade food,” said Kate, who uses her mother’s recipes to create her ready-to-heat meals for one.  Available for delivery exclusively through Home Helpers of Hinsdale, all of Kate’s meals contain a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable.

“They are well-balanced meals,” said Kate, who prepares the meals at Casey’s Market in Western Springs.

Perhaps just as important is the psychological effect Kate’s meals can have on customers. Kate’s dishes, including her pot roast, chicken rice casserole and Salisbury steak, are all things that Home Helpers clients have enjoyed throughout their lives.

“They are dishes that you ate while you were raising your family. It’s what your wife cooked,” she said. “It’s as nutritious for the soul as it is for the body.”

March is National Nutrition Month, and a perfect time to take stock of the nutritional value of a loved one’s diet.

Home Helpers delivers Kate’s Comfort Food on Tuesdays and Fridays to the customer’s door. For a complete menu of Kate’s Comfort Food options, visit MaryandMikeCare.com or call (630) 323-7231. 


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