We Have a Winner! Buke's Salon Spa Wins By 14 Votes!

Buke's Salon Spa has been chosen as our reader's choice for mani/pedis in the BurrRidge-Hinsdale area.

In a close race that had even us guessing, narrowly edged out in Burr Ridge for Patch's .

Early in the race, it seemed that it was going to be a race between Burr Ridge's , which was by Chicago Magazine, and Hinsdale's . Both were tied for 33 percent of the vote early in the contest.

Out of nowhere, Buke's Salon Spa started climbing the polls, reaching 56 percent of the votes midweek, when Life Spa in Burr Ridge jumped to 49 percent of the votes in one day.

In the final days of the race, Buke's and Life Spa were neck-and-neck as each took the lead for brief moments counting down toward the close of the polls on Friday at noon. In the end, Buke's Salon Spa won the race by 14 votes, giving them 48 percent of the vote over Life Spa's 41 percent.

Congratulations to both businesses for having the support of some very loyal customers and giving all our reader's an exciting week to see who would come out on top.

Stay tuned as Patch takes a look at favorite places to celebrate St. Patty's Day for next week's Reader's Choice Award.


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