N & N's Annual "My Favorite Things" Event held at Davanti Enoteca in Western Springs

The cost per person is $25.00 (members and non-members). 
My Favorite Things is one of the most popular, and legendary, social events hosted by Newcomers & Neighbors of the Greater Hinsdale Area!  It is truly a unique and heartfelt experience enjoyed by our members. Everyone brings a wrapped, $10 to $15 gift to exchange with other N & N members. The gift is supposed to be something that you enjoy yourself personally; like a favorite kitchen gadget, beauty product or fashion item. It can even be a book or musical CD that you have enjoyed. Numbers are drawn to determine the order of picking, similar to a grab bag scenario. Then, participants have an opportunity to keep the gift they drew or to "steal" someone else's earlier picked gift. Stealing is limited to 3 times per item.  Meanwhile, each participant learns about the items that the other N & N members have enjoyed and has fun!  

Additionally, there will be a Newcomers & Neighbors meeting during our delicious lunch to welcome new members, meet a representative of the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce, and to learn about current activities within the club. As you know we are a social club, that has been around for over 20 years, that provides resources for new and established residents within Hinsdale and its neighboring areas.  Our club creates opportunities for our members to get together with people who have similar interests by providing coffees, luncheons, parties and activities on a regular basis. You can get additional  information about the club at our website, www.HinsdaleNewcomers.org or by visiting our Facebook page.
If you would like to attend the event, please email me nandnpublicity@gmail.com  at your convenience.  The deadline to register is Jan. 19th. 


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